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We write postcards as reminders to vote, to provide important voter information, and to encourage active participation in our democracy.

Our 2023 Postcards

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Our 2021 - 2022 Postcard Projects

 For the November 2022 general election we sent approximately, 7,300 cards  to Democrat-leaning voters in our 6 surrounding precincts. 

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We welcomed 2,000 newly registered voters in our surrounding precincts with this welcome card

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The March 2022 Primary Election we mailed 12,000 of these postcards to Democratic leaning households

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The October 2021 Propositional and Constitutional Amendment Election we mailed 6,000 of these postcards to Democratic leaning households.

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For the September 2021 Redistricting Hearings, we mailed 6,400 of these postcards to Democratic and Republican  households.

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Gerrymandering Postcard.jpeg

The May 2021 Proposition Election we mailed 6,000 of these postcards to Democratic leaning households

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Write to make a difference.

Your pen is your power!

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 See a Few Terrific Examples Here:

from the  Austin American Statesman

  May 21, 2022

The Republican agenda, it seems, is to block Dems from progress


On May 15, The American-Statesman published a letter to the editor in which the writer blamed the Democrats for not doing what they have promised and what the majority of Americans want.  He asked, "When will they ever learn?"

It was curious to me that he neglected to state the obvious.  The Republicans stop nearly everything the Democrats propose even though they are in the minority. 

It seems that the Republicans have no other agenda but to stop the Democrats, and the country, from progressing.  This includes tax fairness, voting rights, gun background checks and many other important areas.  They are the party of no!


The answer, however, is in us.  We need to use our strong majority to elect a strong majority of Democrats.  That would be progress.

Kent Johnson, Austin

  May 2, 2022

Flat tires and spoiled produce: Abbott's costly campaign stunt


Has Gov. Abbott resorted to blackmail in his bid for reelection?

He clogged up the border bridges by taking commercial traffic hostage with a redundant inspection at untold cost to our businesses, truckers, supply chains and our reputation.

The result? No drugs and no people were found being smuggled. Just flat tires and a bunch of rotten produce.


An expensive campaign stunt and we Texans are paying the bill.

Annie Compton, Austin

  April 28, 2022

With no accountability, Abbott plays military games to win reelection 


Gov. Abbott is choking us with a chain of harmful decisions meant to help him get re-elected.  And he's misusing our hard-earned tax money to do it.

While our public schools and rural hospitals are slowly dying, he is using billions of dollars of our tax money to fund military maneuvers with no accountability or even noteworthy results.

We want public schoolteachers and healthcare, not military games for Greg Abbott's re-election campaign.  What kind of governor uses our own monty to hurt us?

Karen Collins, Austin

Our own Huddle member Deborah Beck recently had a terrific opinion piece published in "The Fort Worth Star Telegram".

Check it out here..

Another piece by Deborah Beck published in "The Hill".

Check it out here..

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