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All Volunteer Deputy Registrar certifications ended on Dec. 31, 2022.  This means EVERYONE needs to renew their VDR certification.

Easy to do!  Click Travis County Elections to go to their online training that takes about 30 minutes complete.  Get yours done early when you have half an hour to spare, and you can have a VDR number in the single digits.

Best of all, once you have your VDR certification you can take it to other counties that have reciprocity and register voters there.  We often see Hayes and Williamson County voters at Travis County events. 

Now that you have your certification, sign up to join us at our Mueller Market VOTER  Registration and Information Station to register voters and give out info about the upcoming election.

Oct 11, 2023    7:00 PM CST        Huddle Meeting 
Outdoor Movie Night showing "For The Record" 
Contact us   for invitation and location

Nov  13, 2023    7:00 PM CST
Huddle Meeting Via Zoom   
Contact us   for invitation

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