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Alex Jones is a proven liar and promotes false narratives for personal profit. He is on the ropes in court, but his"Infowars" is still broadcast by 25 radio stations across the country.
You can help make that zero stations!

Follow these easy steps laid out by the Media Action Center:


  1. Any person in the U.S. can complain to the FCC about the World Wide Christian Network (WWCR), a shortwave radio station that broadcasts Infowars. Send a letter (see #3 below) to the FCC and to WWCR at 1300 WWCR Ave., Nashville, TN 37218.   

  2. You can also complain about another station if you are in the "community of service," which means you are in the listening area of a radio station broadcasting Infowars.  Cities with such stations include: Phoenix, Denver, Panama City (FL), Atlanta, Detroit, Las Vegas, and Eugene and Salem (OR). Check this list for all 25 stations that the Media Action Center believes still broadcast Infowars. Contact any friends or relatives lives in a listening area even if you don't. 

  3. To complain about WWCR and/or any other station, tailor and send this letter to the FCC.  (You can also send a copy to the station - or just email the station a copy.) Every letter counts and could trigger action!

  4. Alert the Media Action Center that you have sent a letter to the FCC ( This allows Sue Wilson to monitor what happens, and potentially file license challenges if the FCC and stations refuse to act.

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